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Current range: 20-105A(标20-120A) Voltage range: 170--250V Max input Power: 4.1KW Frequency: 50/60Hz Maximum input current: 19A Efficiency: 85% Power factor: 0.73 Max Output power: 2.5KW Insulation class: CLass F Protection class: IP21

Welding machines are indispensable tools in industrial settings, providing the capability to join metals with precision and efficiency. At Purchaser, we offer a diverse range of high-quality welding machines tailored for industrial applications in Pakistan. Explore the accuracy, versatility, and applications of our welding solutions.


Understanding Welding Machines

  • Precision Metal Joining Excellence: Delve into the significance of welding machines in achieving precise metal joining, allowing for the creation of robust and durable structures. Recognize how these machines contribute to the quality and efficiency of welding operations.
  • Versatility in Applications: Explore the versatility of welding machines in various industrial applications, from construction to automotive manufacturing. Purchaser provides machines designed to meet the specific requirements of diverse welding tasks.


Applications of Welding Machines

  • Construction Welding for Structural Integrity: Learn about the use of welding machines in construction, ensuring structural integrity by joining metal components securely. Explore our range of high-quality machines suitable for different welding projects.
  • Automotive Manufacturing Welding: Delve into the application of welding machines in automotive manufacturing, facilitating the creation of durable and reliable vehicle structures. Purchaser offers reliable and efficient welding solutions for various fabrication projects.


Purchaser's Range of Welding Machines

  • MIG, TIG, and Stick Welders: Explore our collection of MIG, TIG, and Stick welders, providing options for different welding requirements. Purchaser ensures high-quality and reliable welding machines for optimal precision in industrial applications.


Quality Assurance at Purchaser

Purchaser is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality across our entire range of welding machines. Our machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry specifications, providing industrial professionals in Pakistan with durable and efficient solutions for metal joining.