Tablet Replacement Parts

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Purchaser offers a selection of tablet replacement parts to help you revitalize your device with quick repairs and upgrades. Explore our high-quality replacement components designed for various tablet models in Pakistan.


Replacement Screens for Crisp and Clear Displays

Restore crisp and clear displays with Purchaser's replacement screens. Our screens are designed to seamlessly replace damaged or faulty displays, ensuring your tablet's visual clarity is as good as new.


Batteries for Extended Tablet Power

Extend your tablet's power with Purchaser's replacement batteries. Our batteries are compatible with a range of tablet models, providing a reliable power source and allowing you to enjoy extended usage between charges.


Charging Ports for Seamless Power Connectivity

Ensure seamless power connectivity with Purchaser's replacement charging ports. Our components are designed to replace damaged or malfunctioning charging ports, restoring your tablet's ability to charge efficiently.


Replacement Cameras for Clear Imaging

Capture clear and sharp images with Purchaser's replacement cameras. Our camera components are suitable for various tablet models, allowing you to restore or upgrade your tablet's imaging capabilities.


Home Buttons and Touch Sensors for Smooth Navigation

Restore smooth navigation with Purchaser's replacement home buttons and touch sensors. Our components are designed to replace faulty or unresponsive buttons, ensuring an enhanced and responsive user experience.


Housing and Back Covers for a Fresh Look

Give your tablet a fresh look with Purchaser's replacement housing and back covers. Our components provide a sleek and new appearance, ideal for refurbishing your tablet or replacing worn-out exteriors.