Bags & Accessories

7 days
Weight: 1.000 Kg.
Size 6x5 "to 110x150 Microns(thickness/guage) 15/30 to 125/250 microns Quality A+,prime to garbage ,Recycled grade Prices are based on "A+ Grade" Material M.O.Q =500KGS PER SIZE production lead time= 7 to 10 days Rates Valid 7 days after New quotation sampling will be done b4 order Any color except black
Bags, equipment, and accessories help organize items and protect them from them from dust and dirt. Bin liners are large poly bags for placement inside large boxes, bulk cargo containers, and gaylord containers. They protect contents from dirt and dust. Mattress and furniture bags are presized for mattresses, chairs, and love seats. Open-ended poly bags are open on one end for ease of filling. These bags can be left open or closed with a heat seal, twist tie, staple, or tape. Reclosable poly bags have a closing mechanism such as a drawstring or zip-type closure that can be opened and closed multiple times, eliminating the need for a heat sealer or twist ties. Poly tubing can be cut to length for customizable storage.