Floor & Multi Surface Coatings

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Floor and multi-surface coatings help extend the life of floor surfaces by protecting them from traffic, abrasion, moisture, cleaning chemicals, and other damaging elements. These coatings improve floors' appearance and add increased traction in pedestrian areas. Epoxy primers and coatings are two-part epoxy floor coatings that cure by an exothermic reaction when both parts are mixed. Urethane activators and coatings are abrasion resistant and more color-retentive than epoxy coatings. Fast-drying single-component alkyd floor enamels are used on interior concrete and wood floors subject to heavy foot traffic to slow the appearance of wear. Single-component, high-performance, acrylic/polyester water-based urethanes provide toughness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, and excellent UV resistance on commercial or residential floors. Plastic floor chips may be added to any component mixture to add interest, color and slip resistance to coated floors.