Hoses And Sprinklers Systems

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Brand: EMTOP
Plastic Auto Gear sprinkler head 3/4" tool adaptor 3 Pin plastic spike With 360° rotary function Freely adjust ranges/distance to adjust Dimension:38*17.4*6.4cm Meterial Breakdown: ABS+PP Packed by paper hanger
Brand: EMTOP

Purchaser offers a comprehensive range of hoses and sprinkler systems designed to meet your watering needs efficiently. Explore our high-quality products tailored for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications in Pakistan.


Durable Garden Hoses

Discover durable garden hoses at Purchaser, perfect for watering plants, lawns, and gardens. Our hoses are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the elements and regular use, ensuring longevity and reliable water distribution.


Irrigation Hoses for Agricultural Efficiency

Optimize agricultural irrigation with the Purchaser's irrigation hoses. Our range includes hoses suitable for various crops and fields, providing efficient water delivery to enhance crop growth and yield in Pakistan's diverse agricultural landscape.


Versatile Sprinkler Systems

Explore our versatile sprinkler systems for efficient and uniform water distribution. Purchaser's sprinklers are designed for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and agricultural fields, ensuring that every area receives the right amount of water for healthy growth.


Specialty Hoses for Specific Needs

Purchaser caters to specific watering needs with specialty hoses. Whether you require soaker hoses for gentle root watering or industrial hoses for heavy-duty applications, our range includes options for various purposes, ensuring you find the right fit for your requirements.


Smart Watering Solutions

Upgrade your watering system with Purchaser's smart watering solutions. Our range includes programmable timers and sensors that enable you to customize watering schedules, conserve water, and ensure optimal moisture levels for your plants.


Expert Advice for Watering Efficiency

At Purchaser, we provide more than just products; we offer expert advice for watering efficiency. Our team is ready to assist with product selection, installation tips, and guidance on optimizing your watering system for maximum effectiveness.