Claming, Workholding & Positioning

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Clamping, workholding, and positioning products hold workpieces in place and adjust machine components in machining operations. Hand knobs and dog-point hand knob screws provide a simple clamp to hold workpieces. Hand wheels can be turned to position tables, carriages, cutters, and other machine components. Indexing and positioning equipment is used to set up workpieces for layout, inspection, and machining. Lathe centers keep workpieces centered between a lathe's headstock and tailstock. Lathe chucks and jaws hold workpieces onto lathes. Machine clamping products position and hold workpieces on machine worktables for machining, woodworking, and assembly. Machine handles mount to machine tools to allow manual adjustments to positioning, clamping force, and other settings. Machine vises have wide jaws with a large surface area for positioning and securing workpieces. Milling machine T-slot nuts and bolts fasten workpieces to T-slot grooves in milling machines and positioning tables.