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7 days
Weight: 55.000 Kg.
Brand: INGCO
Max.output:6.5HP Camshaft diameter:19mm,Q TYPE Max.torque:12.4Nm Engine type:4 stroke,OHV Displacement(ml):196 BorexStroke:68X54mm Cooling System:Air-cooled Ignition system:T.C.I
Brand: INGCO
7 days
Weight: 45.000 Kg.
Brand: INGCO
Max.output:13.0HP Camshaft diameter:25.4mm,Q TYPE Max.torque:29Nm Engine type:4 stroke,OHV Displacement(ml):389 BorexStroke:88X64mm Cooling System:Air-cooled Ignition system:T.C.I Starting system:Recoil Fuel tank(L):6.5L
Brand: INGCO

Purchaser is your go-to destination for a diverse range of engines, catering to the power needs of various industries in Pakistan. Explore our collection of engines designed for reliability, efficiency, and performance in diverse applications.


Industrial Engines for Manufacturing Excellence

Power your manufacturing processes with the Purchaser's industrial engines. Our range includes robust and efficient engines that deliver consistent power, ensuring smooth operations in manufacturing facilities across Pakistan.


Agricultural Engines for Farming Productivity

Boost agricultural productivity with the Purchaser's agricultural engines. Tailored to the unique needs of farmers, our engines power tractors, irrigation systems, and other farm machinery contributing to efficient and successful farming practices.


Automotive Engines for Reliable Transportation

Explore our selection of automotive engines designed for reliability and fuel efficiency. Purchaser provides engines for cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, ensuring a smooth and reliable driving experience on Pakistan's roads.


Generator Engines for Continuous Power

For continuous and reliable power generation, choose Purchaser's generator engines. Our engines are built to deliver consistent and efficient power, whether for backup solutions or primary power sources in various settings.


Marine Engines for Seafaring Adventures

Purchaser offers marine engines for boats and ships, combining power and durability for seafaring adventures. Our marine engines are designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments, ensuring a reliable and efficient propulsion system.


Commitment to Quality and Support

At Purchaser, our commitment extends beyond providing engines. We prioritize quality in every product and offer comprehensive support services. Trust Purchaser for engines that meet your specific needs and a team dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.