Building Wire & Cable

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Royal Classic Cables is one of the best aluminum cable manufacturers in Pakistan. The company’s production is always up to the mark in the competitive industry of Aluminum cable in Pakistan. Aluminum cable is extensively used for building and commercial purposes. It is well-known for its strong conductivity, weight ratio, and durability compared to copper wires. One of the benefits of using Aluminum wire is its lightweight. It is well-suited in any electrical conductors and supporting structures of power distribution systems. These cables can be used in coastal areas because it resists corrosion. Aluminum wires are available at...
Building wire and cable carry electrical current from a power source to a device in a building, such as an outlet or light fixture. Building wire is typically run through conduit, cable trays, or raceways. Building cable consists of multiple strands of wire bundled inside a thermoplastic or metal sheath. Building wire and cable are typically used to run new circuits or extend old circuits inside walls and ceilings in commercial, industrial, and residential properties.