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Labware is used to transport and store material safely in laboratory settings. Beakers are used for stirring, mixing, or heating liquids in a laboratory. They generally include a lip for pouring. Graduated cylinders have graduations to measure the volume of a liquid. They are more narrow and taller than beakers for greater measuring accuracy. Burets are used to measure and dispense exact amounts of liquids, including chemical solutions. Cuvettes are small, transparent tubes with specific optical properties for spectroscopic experiments. Flasks have wider bottoms and narrower necks or tops. Carboys, jerricans, and jugs can store large volumes of liquids or solvents. Mortar and pestle sets are used to manually crush and grind solids into fine powders. Lab funnels are cone-shaped tubes that direct liquids or powders into containers with narrow openings. Lab trays and pans store materials and contain small spills. They are durable and chemical-resistant.