Sorbents, Spill Control & Spill Containment

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Spill-control supplies manage spilled or leaked substances to aid cleanup and keep spills contained. They help prevent injuries and avoid damage to equipment or product inventory. Absorbents include pads, pillows, and loose materials for soaking up liquids. Biohazard spill kits are designed to handle biohazardous materials to limit exposure and prevent environmental damage. Chemical neutralizers help counteract the hazardous effects of spilled chemicals to reduce risks during cleanup. Containment berms, pools, and booms form barriers to keep spills from spreading. Drain covers, seals, and plugs stop unwanted liquids from entering drain systems and waterways. Containment products for drums, IBC, tanks, skids, and pallets fit specific equipment to control spills and leaks. Leak diverters direct leaks from ceilings or pipes into drains or containers.