Sinks, Wash Fountains & Repair Parts

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Sinks, wash fountains, and repair parts promote cleanliness and hygiene wherever there is access to plumbed or portable water. Bathroom sinks are used for handwashing and grooming tasks in restrooms. Hand sinks and wash stations include single sinks to multi-user stations for washing hands, food, and utensils in food service, classrooms, and medical facilities. Kitchen and bar sinks allow cleaning and rinsing in food processing and preparation. Hospital and lab sinks are used in medical, surgical, and lab facilities for washing hands, glassware, and equipment. Mop sinks allow maintenance personnel to clean and rinse mops and empty buckets. Sink and wash fountain parts and accessories repair or replace broken parts or add value or function to existing sinks or fountains. Utility and laundry sinks are deep service basins for scrubbing and rinsing everything from clothing and bedding, to oversized pots, and pets. Wash fountains allow several people to simultaneously wash their hands in high-traffic areas.