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Office cabinets are a type of storage furniture commonly used in offices and other workspaces. They provide a secure and organized way to store important documents, supplies, and equipment. Office cabinets can be freestanding or wall-mounted, and they can be made of various materials including metal, wood, or particleboard. They often feature doors, drawers, and shelves to provide ample storage space.

There are different types of office cabinets, including lateral file cabinets, which are designed to store letter- or legal-sized file folders, vertical file cabinets, which are typically smaller and have fewer drawers, and storage cabinets, which provide a combination of shelves and drawers. Some office cabinets have locking mechanisms to ensure the security of confidential information and sensitive materials. Additionally, some office cabinets are designed to be stackable, allowing users to maximize storage space while taking up minimal floor space.