Electronic over current relays, TeSys LT47, manual, 5 to 60A, 200 to 240V AC

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Ampere: 60A, Brand: Schneider Electric
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Range TeSys
Product name TeSys LT
Product or component type Electronic over current relay
Device short name LT47
Device application Protection
Relay application Locked rotor, mechanical jamming I > 3 x Isetting
Overload Imax > Isetting
Sensitivity to phase failure
[Us] rated supply voltage 200...240 V AC
Thermal protection adjustment range 5…60 A
[Ui] rated insulation voltage Power circuit: 600 V AC conforming to CSA
Power circuit: 600 V AC conforming to UL
Power circuit: 690 V AC conforming to IEC 60947-4-1
Network frequency 50...60 Hz
mounting support Rail
tripping threshold 5...50 A
Auxiliary contact composition 1 NO + 1 NC
[Ith] conventional free air thermal current 3 A for signalling circuit
associated fuse rating 3 A gG for signalling circuit
3 A BS for signalling circuit
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage 6 kV
time range 0.5..30 s - control type D-time
0.3...10 s - control type O-time
local signalling 1 LED (green)
1 LED (red)
control type Push-button: reset
electrical: reset
tightening torque Signalling circuit: 1.7 N.m M3.5
Height 70.3 mm
Width 71 mm
Depth 77.2 mm
Net weight 0.192 kg

Attachments with stand

Datasheet (LT4760M7S_DATA_SHEET.pdf, 147 Kb) [Download]

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