Air Carbon Arc Cutting & Gouging

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516.0024 - Gouging Torch G4000
The Gouging torches TEAM BINZEL® G4000 are designed exclusively for plasma-arc gouging using carbon electrodes and compressed air and for industrial and commercial use for skilled personnel only. The gouging torches are available as manual torches and can be used in any welding position. G4000, are used for gouging defective welds, weld seam preparation, crack removal and repair, chamfering, surface removal and keyhole cutting for all common materials such as carbon or stainless steel, malleable and ductile iron, copper alloys, nickel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Rugged, safe and easy to handle, both torches offer a heat...
Air carbon arc (CAC-A) cutting and gouging removes layers of material from a metal workpiece without damaging the underlying material. This process is commonly used to cut metal, remove defective welds, and prepare surfaces for welding. An air carbon arc electrode is inserted in the jaws of a compatible arc-cutting torch, and the torch is connected to a power supply that provides current to the electrode. The operator uses the torch to bring the electrode near the workpiece to generate an arc that melts the metal. The torch is also connected to a compressed air supply that delivers a jet of air to blow away the molten material and gouge or cut the workpiece.